Saturday, May 16, 2009

Change in major.

I'm thinking of changing my major. Since a couple people just told me that the school I wanted to transfer to will discontinue the nursing program because of the recession caused by the one and only George W. Bush.. I have to call the school to make sure. Because I don't understand how they can discontinue THAT program. The country is in need of nurses. Anywho. If it comes out to be true, I'm thinking of changing my major to Forensic Science-Pathology. I mean when I was in high school I wanted to become a Lawyer. But I found out that Law school is expensive, very expensive. So I switched to Nursing. Atleast I don't have to go to medical school for that. So, if I were to stay in the field of forensic science, I would kinda be working both sides. A Forensic Scientist consists of various sections. For example: Toxicologist,serologist,criminologist, pathologist and so on. So yea, if I stick with that major,(forensic scientist-pathologist). I will be working on both ends. I will be working with people in the legal department and in the health department. I know it's a demanding job, and it would be a challenge to get a job. But hey, life is a challenge, and we go forth with it.

Pathologist - A person that does autopsies,(inspection and dissection of a body after death, as for determination of the cause of death; postmortem examination), on the dead. The science or the study of the origin, nature, and course of diseases.

A very interesting field of study don't you think.

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