Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lip products.

So I was online trying to search for a new lip product this summer. It has to be fruity, smell fruity and taste fruity. So I was on youtube looking at random people reviewing their favourite lip products. Then majority of the videos mentioned vintage sister and softlips. So I went to google and searched for their websites. I arrived at Vintage sister and I instantly started to like the product. Why? The packaging is so VINTAGE. haha. Anything old school I love. So anywho, I started looking at the different types they had. Lip Lickers(kids), and Lip Indulgence(adults). They have a lot of cute flavours. for example: Gummy bears, fruit punch, grape juice, bubblegum, candy cane, cotton candy, cookies and cream, lemonade and so much more. And that was just the kiddies section. The adult section has your favourite drinks for example: Cosmopolitan, Flirtini, Caramel, Margarita, Pina Colado and Chai Tea (I'm thinking of getting this one for my mom). So yea. The rave about this product is that they smell and taste REALLY good. So I went on the website again and they had the FOM (Flavour Of the Month) on sale. Blueberry Cheesecake. My mom LOVES Cheesecake, so I ordered one just for her. So in the next couple of days when the product arrives, I will be smelling and sampling it. If I like it, I may stick to it, try out the other flavours.

P.S. Softlips reminds me of Smackers, lip ice etc. I think the same company that makes Smackers, also make softlips.


Tira said...
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Tira said...

Ooh?! ♥ Marcine's becoming a product junkie? Welcome to the club,hun. Oh yeah: I am natural again-cut all my relaxer off two months ago. said...

I miss Smackers. I haven't had anything similar in ages. reminds me of my childhood and how i used to eat the vanilla and cotton candy flavors! heheh