Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 more days until Finals.

Today was my first day working. They placed me as a cashier. So that was what I did for the whole day. The position might sound easy, but it's not. As a cashier you have to know a lot of things in order not to mess up on a transaction. I'm tired and I have to study for 3 finals I have this week. I took my 3rd and final Sociology test on Wednesday. I don't know how I did. The class overall is hard. So this week for finals I have English, Sociology and History. Yea me! I just can't wait to take them and get them over with. Oh yea, I work tomorrow again. I really hope they put me on the floor to interact with the customers. Another hard day at work.I won't get to see my mom when she comes tomorrow. She's planning on going shopping for me. I am so tired. I love you Vampireonson.

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