Thursday, October 8, 2009


Why is it that CUNY wants to mess with you in any wrong way as possible? At first I thought it was just my college, but noooooo, it's the entire system. I'm currently enrolled in the school, which exempt me from paying the transfer fee. The last document I had to submit was a copy of my bursars receipt. I did that over 3 weeks ago. And kept on calling to hear where my application is. It's still at UAPC Transfer headquarters. Because they didn't recieve anything. So I called them at 9:30 this morning, and the machine told me I had 3 callers ahead of me, and my waiting time will be 3 minutes. 15 minutes later I was still waiting. So overall, after waiting alittle over 45 minutes, I finally got through.
Then this lady is going to tell me that I shouldn't have mailed it in.
Are you freaking serious!!!!!!

I told her step by step what the other dumb lady told me.

Lady: You're application is not in process because you haven't paid the transfer fee.
Me: I'm enrolled in a Cuny school.
Lady: Oh, so you don't have to pay the transfer fee.
Me: Ok, so what else do I need to do to get my application moving?
Lady: Mail us a copy of your bursars receipt. Proof that you are currently taking classes at a cuny school.
Me: Is that all?
Lady: Yes.
Me: Ok thank you. Bye.

1 month later............I'm in the same damn situation.

OMG. These people are messing with my parents money, and worse of all my education.
I'm about to go off on one of them.
These people will have you going around in circles.
Now I have to find somewhere that has a fax machine, and send it to them.
I'm.......... sick ..............and............. tired ...............of this damn system.
They need to set their system straight.
Time is money.

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