Sunday, November 9, 2008

Job hunting

The interview I had didn't go so well. They told me that they are looking for people with experience, and that I should come back when I have two years experience. So on Friday, Will.I.Am and I went job hunting. We went in almost every store asking if they are hiring. And we signed up about 8 job applications and handed in our resume. All the managers did were just look at it ( because we were there) and as we left, I turned around and saw them put it with a whole bunch of other applications. So yesterday on Saturday he and I met up at 10 in the morning and started going in stores asking if they were hiring. Most of the stores were closed, so we went to a different borough. In that borough alone we handed in like 5 job applications. And for two out of the five stores, we spoke to a manager directly. They then told us that if they like what they see on our applications/resume, someone will call us for an interview. It's hard looking for a job, especially when the economy is on a downfall. I really hope all that hard work payed off.

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